Spring 2020 - Pilot Semester 


About the Founder
Mohammed Usama

Wave is an app that aims to enhance effective communication in high acuity healthcare settings. It aims to do so by improving care coordination through a user-friendly mobile application.


Wave's communication system is designed to allow healthcare workers to prioritize, organize, and coordinate the treatment of patients in critical conditions. 


About the Founder
Marcel Furmie

Foodeo makes it easy for consumers to indulge in discovering great food near them, no matter where they are in the world, and gives restaurants a more direct way to showcase their best dishes to attract new customers.

This semester the most creative students gathered together with their peers to create a startup and solve a problem. As a result, WorkBench SC was lucky enough to have 20 incredible startups apply and we were blown away by the depth of knowledge and capabilities of our peers in so many different industries. Whether it be medicine, agriculture, environmental solutions, or software, we were blown away by our peers' capabilities and depth of knowledge in so many fields. 

In the end, WorkBench SC selected the two companies above to work with for its first semester. Nonetheless, here at WorkBench no idea will be left behind, so we will also be helping to facilitate the formation of organic teams. Stay tuned for our posts regarding ventures that we didn't select for our cohort so that prospective members can join them. 


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